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 Copyright 1997.
Cast:  4 Female, 3 Male.   Farcical comedy.
(Running time 45 mins)
“Madness in fast forward”
Mitchell Germaine is the ultimate loser. After a massive argument, his wife Sally leaves him and he then proceeds to take Leon (the pizza boy), Warren (the TV repairman), ‘Tash (the prostitute) and Imelda (the disciple of God) hostage, much to the financial delight of Jane, the Brownie.
Author’s Note:
Verve was my first foray into comedy after five years of shocking audiences with plays of realism and horror. To say it was a success would be to under-rate both its cast and director. Verve was described by one adjudicator as a ‘tour-de-force’ which is best achieved by a dynamic cast and a no-holds-barred approach to the action.
Winner of 24 Awards – 1999
Written in 1997

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