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Copyright 2003.
Cast:  3 Female, 1 Male.   Farcical comedy.
(Running time 45 mins)
“You won’t believe your thighs!”
Nick Berkowitz and Myra Molloy set out to uncover the sordid operations of the Democratic Independent Lesbian Defence Organisation which is run by the elusive Dr Claudia Schtick and her faithful sidekick Edna. Confusion reigns supreme in a gender-bending tale of espionage, deceit, seduction and stupidity.
Author’s Note:
Looking for another outlet in the purely farcical category, I developed Stiletto as purely a bit of fun. While not deliberately attempting to polarise any of my audience I took the opportunity to create a play that has no other purpose other than to entertain.
Winner of 16 awards – 2003.
Written in 2003

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