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Copyright 2007.
Cast:  3 Female, 1 Male.   Period  drama.
(Running time 40 mins)
“Dark and forbidding, sensual and violent – truth lies drowning in a sea of iniquity.”
As a cold Spring dawns on Castle Cachtice in the Carpathians in the year 1584, what burns in the heart of this regal stronghold is a secret that is so malevolent it will stay with you forever. When Raphael’s betrayal is discovered by the Countess Elizabeth, she sets about destroying everything he holds dear with the help of Dorottya and the unwitting Lilith.
Author’s Note:
Having tried my hand at period drama in the past with Domain & Netherworld, I could not resist the temptation to wade back in time with a piece of theatre in a classic vein. Ichor paints many pictures, both beautiful and forbidding, but uses the anchor of its heritage (the Countess Elizabeth Bathory) as a means to terrify and amaze audiences with its poetic overtures, extreme sensuality and biting twist. This is an exceptionally entertaining piece of theatre that will provide much discussion after the curtain falls.
Winner of 23 awards – 2008.
Written in 2007

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