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Copyright 2000.
Cast:  1 Male, 4 Others.   Black comedy.
(Running time 35 mins)
“A lighter side of darkness”
John is about to proceed on a very surreal adventure. He is confronted with the imposing spectres of Misadventure, Homicide, Suicide and Disease. But what are these strange characters? Why do they have such an impact on his life and why is he being pushed into making a decision about taking a timeless journey with one of them?
Author’s Note:
As the old saying goes, nothing is surer in life than death and taxes. The idea for Ebbed… came from the question of what happens to us not when we finally pass on but what transpires in those brief milliseconds before the event actually occurs – the threshold between life and death.
Winner of 17 awards – 2001.
Written in 2000

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