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Copyright 2004.
Cast:  2 Female, 1 Male, 1 Other.   Gothic fantasy/drama.
(Running time 40 mins)
“A voyage of dark discovery”
Desire is intricately woven into the human heart and eternally stitched upon the fabric of the soul. Wants and needs, wishes and dreams form part of the rich tapestry of the spirit. An angel, a warrior, a mother, a child – this is Netherworld.
Author’s Note:
Netherworld is another of my personal favourites. I wanted to create an epic play in the time of legends that focused on the battle of good versus evil from within and from without. I had an urge to transport the cast and the audience on a journey to a time long past in an age of dragons, demons and dreams.
Winner of 24 awards – 2005.
Written in 2004

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