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Angelo & Calabria Calabria Vectura9 Glass2 Valeriy_&_Lucy_-_Provocateur 29.10.09 Excalibur perform Hossierdaddy at The Players Theatre Port Macquarie in the Festival of One Act Plays 2013


Copyright 1997.
Cast:  6 Female, 1 Male.   Gothic horror.
(Running time 40 mins)
“A very dark place to be”
Esmerelda is cast into a prison cell and finds companionship amid its mysterious & sensuous inhabitants, Bernadette, Annaliese, Dominique and Carlotta. The fear she experiences from the gaoler, Edith, is nothing compared to the terror that is Him.
Author’s Note:
Domain, as a play, is one of my personal favourites. This regard for it is borne out of what became of a scripted idea and was transported onto the stage as a spectacle. Its power, its beauty, sensuality and darkness created an on-stage work that I have never seen before or since in a one-act play.
Winner of  11 awards – 1998
Written in 1997

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