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Angelo & Calabria Calabria Vectura9 Glass2 Valeriy_&_Lucy_-_Provocateur 29.10.09 Excalibur perform Hossierdaddy at The Players Theatre Port Macquarie in the Festival of One Act Plays 2013


Copyright 2008

Cast:  2 Female, 1 Male.   Farcical comedy.

(Running time 45 mins)

“Some people don’t have the brains that God gave a rock… one man does!”
It’s one thing to have a plan but another thing entirely to know what to do with it as chaos reigns supreme in an undercover world of guns, espionage and hairy women. Valeriy has a problem… a huge problem. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with finding the solution to world domination by his arch-nemesis but rather trying to hide Lucy from the supremely powerful Olga.

Author’s Note:

Very much in the same farcical and highly irreverent vein of Stiletto and Stroke, Provocateur gives the audience an opportunity to climb into the passenger seat and enjoy a very wild and dizzy ride. Is there a hidden meaning to this play? Not likely!

Winner of 26 awards – 2009.
Written in 2008

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