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Copyright 1996.
Cast:  2 Female, 3 Male.  Contemporary drama.
(Running time 40 mins)
“Where the rock and roll dream becomes a nightmare”
Alex, Chloe and Peter are members of a highly successful rock band fronted by the high-powered Lane.  Not even Felix, the group’s manager, can control Lane, the lead singer, as the band verges on the edge of self-destruction.
Author’s Note:
Everybody wants to be a rock star, or at least a celebrity at one time or another. Cut! was written with this idea firmly planted in the front of my mind. I wanted to capture the high-powered nature of the industry as well as the fact that what goes on in front of the curtain is not necessarily re-enacted back-stage between the band ensemble.
Winner of 5 awards – 1996.
Written in 1996

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