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Copyright 2010

Cast:  3 Female, 1 Male.   Period drama.
(Running time 45 mins)

When all that you have become is not enough, some shall rise and some shall fall.”
Amidst the drama and the tension of performing each day in a travelling carnival in 1890, jealous passion breeds in the soul of one and the struggle to continue burns in the core of others. Beneath the canvas beats a heart of poison. Narcissistica… we are blood.

Author’s Note:

Slipping back into my classical mindset, I wanted to take a period piece that utilised more contemporary language and style. Whereas Domain, Netherworld & Ichor all used an eloquent style of dialogue, Narcissistica allows itself to become a little bit rawer with its text and delivery. Set in the late 19th century, the dimensions of all of the characters are very well rounded and permit interpretation beyond what is on the written page. This is a piece with fire in its belly and venom in its blood.

Winner of 33 awards – 2012
Written in 2010

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