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Copyright 2006.
Cast:  2 Female, 1 Male.   Contemporary drama.
(Running time 40 mins)
“Is this paradise lost or just burning out of control”
Adam Cutler’s world is falling apart while his wife Carolyn, the successful author, is falling out of love. Their marriage is in its death throes and their lives are drifting like ships in a stormy ocean. Bridget is caught in the crossfire. As Carolyn’s sister and Adam’s boss, she witnesses the destructive force of her sibling and her subordinate. But what has caused the emotional carnage which threatens to engulf all three?
Author’s Note:
When I completed the play Cicatrice in 2003, I believed that I had explored the ultimate depths of bitterness and human destructiveness. However, these emotions make for compelling theatre so I once again dipped my pen into the inky well of human frailty and constructed what I believe to be my most realistic play to date. Arcadia explores the lives of three incredibly selfish human beings and the disastrous consequences that ensue when each of these lives collide.
Winner of 15 awards – 2007.
Written in 2006

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