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Copyright 2000.
Cast:  3 Female, 1 Male.   Farcical comedy for Juniors/Intermediates.
(Running time 35 mins)
(Running time 35 mins)
“A play with a little spirit”
Sam, Jarrod and Taylor are spending the night in a supermarket in a bid to be cool but things get decidedly cooler when an unwanted guest makes an ethereal appearance.  Why is Annabelle walking around with her foot in a bucket?
Author’s Note:
Phantasmal was another first for me as I had never written theatre for juniors before. In it I attempted to capture the same vitality that was existent in Verve while toning down the style of dialogue to suit a younger cast. I was looking to produce something for younger players that didn’t necessarily involve the doom and gloom so prevalent in works generally produced for this age group.
Winner of 2 awards – 2000.
Written in 2000

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