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Copyright 1999.
Cast:  3 Female, 1 Male.   Contemporary drama.
(Running time 40 mins)
“When hope is just another passenger”
When Erica Christie’s career as a television journalist dissipates, she escapes to the top of a skyscraper and comes face to face with two prostitutes, Dale Patrick & Tallulah, and their companion Strychnine. From here on, she must exorcise her personal demons while combating her stereotypical view of the world.
Author’s Note:
Freight is a very deep play that delves beneath the surface of human nature and stereotypes and produces characters and outcomes that attest to a faith in human nature as well as a lack of self-belief. It is an exploratory drama that challenges its players to be something more than what they are initially perceived.
Winner of 2 awards – 2000.
Written in 1999

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