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Copyright 2009

Cast:  3 Female, 1 Male.   Contemporary drama.
(Running time 45 mins)


“For some, contrition is the last outpost on the road to redemption”
Open a broken window on a shattered life and you will find the remnants of James – tired, tormented and the pieces of a man he once was. Contained within that life are Chynna, Kat and Natalie; three separate fragments of a devastated reality. Here is a crucible of human emotion, brimming with bitterness, desperation and love. It is cracked, it is jagged, it is stained with tears and fragile to the touch – but it is also perfectly clear… it is Glass.

Author’s Note:

This is a very raw, compelling and totally real drama that drills down into the heart of addiction, loss and heartache. This is a further step along the path of human destructiveness from the likes of Cicatrice and Arcadia and is a juggernaut of emotion from beginning to end.

Winner of 29 awards – 2010.
Written in 2009